Triple Door High Capacity Laboratory Freezer -40°C Model: 89FB5500

•  Tube evaporator in the shelves made by Danesh Pajoohesh Fajr company
•  SECOP compressor : 6 pcs     

•  Eliwell thermostat (IC915) with NTC sensor
•  Temperature tolerance : ±2°C   

•  Recorder and controller accuracy : 0.1°C
•  Internal chamber :stainless steel 314
•  External body : galvanized steel with electrostatic coating
•  Six refrigeration systems . If one system stops working , the other systems will provide the required refrigeration (There is no emergency if technical service required )
•  Three separate temperature controlling systems. Each compartment has 7 shelves for preserving medicine or 84 cartons for preserving plasma
•  Temperature recorder with three PT100 sensors for recording temperature , date and time every 5 minutes (last two years are available in the memory) : 4 channel touch screen(HMI) with PLC and RTD , Displaying and drawing graph , table and alarm for 4 channels , USB port  for downloading data to flash memory in excel file , RS-485 (Modbus-RTU) for temperature monitoring network, backup battery for keeping the recorder and SMS center running in case of power failure for 4 hours (only for recording data , reporting alarm and sending SMS)
•  Triple door
•  Volume :4600 L
•  Power input : 7200VA

External dimensions (cm)
Length Width Height
312 117 272
Internal dimensions (cm)
Length Width Height
286 93 176.5