Blood Bank Refrigerator -4°C Model:96RB-2-292-A

Application : It is used in blood transfusion and hospital blood bank laboratories .It can be manufactured in different capacities.

•  Evaporator with zilabeg fan
•  SECOP compressor
•  Temperature tolerance : ±1°C
•  Recorder and controller accuracy : 0.1°C
•  Internal chamber : stainless steel 314
•  External body : Galvanized steel with electrostatic coating
•  Polyurethane insulation
•  4 shelves with 16 basket for blood bags
•  Double glass door , self closing
•  Door lock
•  Anti moisture fluorescent light
•  Door microswitch with alarm system
•  European digital controller with two sensors
•  Temperature recorder with one PT100 sensor for recording temperature , date and time every 5 minutes (last two years are available in the memory) : 4 channel touch screen(HMI) with PLC and RTD, Displaying and drawing graph, table and alarm for 4 channels,USB port  for downloading data to flash memory in excel file , RS-485 (Modbus-RTU) for temperature monitoring network, backup battery for keeping the recorder and SMS center running in case of power failure for 4 hours (only for recording data, reporting alarm and sending SMS)
•  Volume : 480 L
•  Power input : 440VA

External dimensions (cm)
Length Width Height
79 72 184
Internal dimensions (cm)
Length Width Height
65.5 56.5 129