Deep Freezer -86C with two refrigeration cycles88FD-1-95-NL

Deep Freezer -86C with two refrigeration cycles


in genetic, biological, biotechnology research institutes, medical industry laboratories,
It is used in agriculture, food, medicine, related factories, etc. and can be produced in different constructions.

Technical Specifications:

Temperature range from -50 degrees to -80 degrees
Tubular evaporator inside the body made by Danesh Fajr Research Company

4 European compressors

(Two-stage cooling system with heat exchanger made by Danesh Fajr Research Company)

Floor temperature tolerance: ±2°C

Accuracy of data logger and controller display: 0.1°C

Inner body made of matte stainless steel (314)

External body made of galvanized sheet with electrostatic coating

150 mm thick polyurethane body insulation with 4 movable floors

It has two independent temperature control systems, each system includes two thermostats

European (one number to control the temperature inside the device and another to control

Heat exchanger temperature)

It has a temperature data logger with a PT100 sensor to store the temperature.

Date and time every 5 minutes permanently (at any time 2 final years

It is available in the memory with the following specifications:

1) with RTD, PLC and touch screen (HMI) with display capability

Four channels for PT100 sensor

2) The possibility of displaying and drawing ALARM, TABLE, GRAPH for four channels

3) equipped with a USB port for (transferring the data logger (fixed) information to

Flash memory in Excel file format ALARM, TABLE, GRAPH)

4) It has an RS-485 port (Modbus-RTU) to create a temperature monitoring network.

5) It has an emergency battery system to keep the data logger on (stability) when

Power cut for a period of at least 4 hours (just to record information, announce alarms, etc.)

Option: It has the ability to install the SMS CENTER device to send alarm messages

Volume: 415 liters

Power consumption: 3100VA