CO2 Cell Culture Incubator with Rolling Bottle96CPI-1

CO2 Cell Culture Incubator with Rolling Bottle
In companies that produce new compound drugs for cell culture to produce factor 8 drug, insulin drug, cancer treatment drugs, corona vaccine, flu vaccine

Technical Specifications:

It has a 1000 watt heating element. 250 watts
It has an air circulation system inside the device
European compressor
Floor temperature tolerance: ± 1.0°C
Accuracy of data logger display (stability) and controller: 0.1°C
Inner body made of matte stainless steel (314)
External body made of galvanized sheet with electrostatic paint coating
Polyurethane body insulation
Door with double-glazed glass with hinge hinge
External door lock with key
Anti-moisture fluorescent lamp inside
Door micro switch with alarm system
You have a European CO2 sensor
PID controller with PT100 sensor
Has a humidity display sensor
It has a temperature data logger (stability) with a PT100 sensor to permanently store temperature, date and time every 5 minutes.
(At any time, the last 2 years are available in the memory)
With the following characteristics :

1) It has DTC1000, PLC and touch screen (HMI) with the ability to display one channel for PT100 sensor.

2) The possibility of displaying and drawing ALARM, TABLE, GRAPH for one channel

3) equipped with a USB port for (transferring data logger information (stability) to a flash memory in the form of an Excel file ALARM, TABLE, GRAPH)

4) It has an RS-485 port (M Modbus-RTU) to create a temperature monitoring network

5) It has an emergency battery system to keep the data logger on (stability) during a power outage for at least 4 hours (only to record information, announce alarms, etc.)

Option: It has the ability to install the SMS CENTER device to send alarm messages

Machine volume: 960 liters (suitable for two 7-layer 14-bottle roller machines, total capacity of 28 4-liter bottles)

Power consumption: 440VA