Laboratory / Blood Bank Refrigerator (250 L)96RB4-92-A

Refrigerator (laboratory kits and drugs / blood bank) (inpatient department and operating room) +4 degrees


It is used in operating room departments, inpatient departments of hospitals for medicine, health homes, etc.


Technical Specifications:

Evaporator with fan, Zilabag fan type

SECOP compressor

Floor temperature tolerance: ±1°C

Accuracy of data logger display (constant) and controller: 0.1°C

The inner body is made of matte stainless steel (314).

External body made of galvanized sheet with electrostatic paint coating

Polyurethane body insulation

It has 3 layers of matte stainless steel (314)

The door with double-glazed glass with a hinge and external door lock

It has an air circulation system inside the device

Anti-humidity fluorescent lamp inside the refrigerator

Door micro switch with alarm system

The European digital controller has a sensor for display and control.

External body made of galvanized sheet with electrostatic paint coating

Inner body made of matte stainless steel (314)

It has a temperature datalogger (stability) with a PT100 sensor to store temperature, date

And the clock every 5 minutes permanently (at any time 2 years final in memory

is available) with the following specifications:

1) The possibility of displaying and drawing ALARM, TABLE, GRAPH for one channel

2) Equipped with a USB port to transfer data logger data (stability) to flash

Memory in the format of Excel file ALARM, TABLE, GRAPH)

3) It has an RS-485 port (Modbus-RTU) to create a temperature monitoring network

4) It has an emergency battery system to keep the data logger on (stability).

In the event of a power cut for at least 4 hours (just to record information, announce alarms, etc.)

Option: It has the ability to install the SMS CENTER device to send alarm messages and device temperature

Machine volume: 250 liters

Power consumption: 420VA