Double door laboratory refrigerator (1600 liters)96RL-3-92-A

Double door laboratory refrigerator (1600 liters)

It is used in genetic, biological, biotechnology research institutes, medical, agricultural, food industry laboratories, pharmaceutical warehouses, hospitals, affiliated factories, etc. and can be produced in different capacities.

This device has two completely separate cooling cycles that in case of failure of one of the cycles, the other cycle keeps the temperature within the permissible limit.


Technical Specifications:

Evaporator with fan, Zilabag fan type

2 SECOP compressors

Floor temperature tolerance: ±1°C

Accuracy of data logger display (stability) and controller: 0.1°C

Matt stainless steel body (314)

External body made of galvanized sheet with cover

Electrostatic paint

Polyurethane body insulation

Floors 2 rows each containing 4 floors of sex

Matt stainless steel (314)

Door with double-glazed glass, 2 pieces with hinges

and external door lock

It has an air circulation system inside the device

(2 separate systems for each 4 floors)

Fluorescent anti-humidity lamp inside the refrigerator, 2 pcs

Door microswitch with alarm system for each door

The European digital controller has two sensors to display and control the temperature inside the refrigerator and display the temperature of the evaporator 2 pcs

It has a temperature data logger with two PT100 sensors to save temperature, date and time every 5 minutes.

Permanently (the final 2 years are available in the memory at any time) with the following specifications:

1) It has RTD, PLC and touch screen (HMI) with the ability to display four channels for PT100 sensor.

2) Ability to display and draw ALARM, TABLE, GRAPH for four channels

3)           Equipped with a USB port for (transferring data logger information (stability) to a flash memory in the form of an Excel file ALARM, TABLE, GRAPH)

4) It has an RS-485 port (Modbus-RTU) to create a temperature monitoring network

5) It has an emergency battery system to keep the data logger on (stable) during power outages for at least 4 hours (only for

Registering information and announcing alarms, etc.)

Option: With the ability to install the SMS CENTER device to send alarm messages and device temperature

Volume of the machine: 1600 liters. Power consumption: 880VA
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