CO2 Cell Culture Device with Rolling Bottle

  • Temperature tolerance
  • Temperature datalogger saves the values permanently
  • CO2 controlling and monitoring by the most reputable brandnames of the world
  • USB and RS485 port for transferring data and temperature monitoring network
  • Adjusting different alarms , viewing the alarms and temperature monitoring by cell phone

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About us

Danesh Pajoohesh Fajr company (knowledge based )was founded in 1995 in Tehran for maintaining cold chain and improving the storage of blood products. This company uses competent engineers, committed personnel and specialized departments and have unique capability in manufacturing the equipment required in biotechnology, research, agriculture, blood bank, hospital, food industry and pharmaceutical applications. Participation in the international exhibitions and signing agreements with Germany and Sweden have increased the quality of our products and have prepared our products for international market. This company has manufactured more than 11 products for the first time in the country making us independent of foreign equipment. CO2 Cell Culture Incubator with Rolling Bottle is one of our products used for producing anti cancer, recombinant medicines, insulin and factor VIII. We manufactured this product for the first time in the country. This product was selected and awarded by vice presidency for science and technology in 2013.